15 January 2015

vintage fabric.

 photo IMG_0446_zpse580bef9.jpgSo I have this stash of vintage fabric that keeps building! It ranges from large pieces to little scraps but recently I have been lacking some inspiration of what to do with them. 
If you're feeling a bit like that too, here are some gorgeous wee ideas I've gathered....

Mini Dachshunds by Alice Apple:
 photo il_570xN257549511_zps6e6fd355.jpg
Hearts by My Little Red Suitcase
 photo c9949d489190fbd35950c34b2ba436b8_zps085e256b.jpg

handmade dresses by Dottie Angel
 photo 46e9e61aafcb3204822de15bae7ce90f_zps9753763b.jpg

Pillowcase by Petite Vanou
 photo 5791ff8ba1eb8cbc602f8653164698dd_zpsf4aed7e8.jpg

Fabric Envelopes by LoveLui
 photo 4dae89110a1c2ee2429249e07116221b_zpsbce739de.jpg

...or someday I'll maybe just bite the bullet, make a quilt like this and then promptly crawl in under the covers!!  
 photo 73ac99a6283c042b4726e5917c1eee5e_zpsf239e9c1.jpg

12 January 2015

reality bites. when your baby gets too big for you.

 photo photo1_zps325988e4.jpg

We had a lovely old weekend...enough to blow away the daily rhythms of a normal week and embrace the peace. Chilly enough to have a fire going for most of the day and to cosy in front of a movie or two!
In the midst of all this we went ice skating. An hour or more of a step back to the 90s for me but also stripped me bare and took me unawares. As I skated around with our littlest she got braver and bolder, eventually sending me away to hover at a distance lest she stumble. 

Watching her grow in independence makes me swell at times but just there, in that moment, I crumbled. She soared and delighted; 'I'm doing it mummy, I'm really doing it,' sang out her little voice, while the traces of the vulnerable little bundle nestled into my breast melted yet again into the memory banks as she takes more steps further into girlhood.

I think back to something I read a while back...embracing the seasons of change
Memory banks are important and good but we are to live in the moment, thankful for little bodies that grow, character that forms and a will that is strong. 
I want for her to be strong and yet gentle, courageous yet compassionate, generous with what she has been blessed with...aware of how she can love big. Always pointing to the only thing that really matters. That will only ever matter.
Just as I want for her sisters.

Though she be but little she is fierce.

9 January 2015

free january calendar printable.

 photo IMG_2018_zpsde7f3ec9.jpg photo IMG_2033_zps406d5f75.jpg photo a3b80ff6-20bf-41cd-add0-dc1c5fc762b6_zps6f7867ef.jpg

January has arrived in a bit of a whirl for me and if I'm honest I'm struggling a little to keep all the little things of life going! I have however enjoyed savouring some of the moments that we've enjoyed.  

One of the things I have enjoyed over the break is a bit of lettering...as I said this week I made myself a calendar template for January and thought I'd put it out there if anyone wanted a copy. I haven't done this before and I'm not sure if it's really going to download well or even if I've got the process right but we'll have a go and polish it a bit more before February arrives!
Use a piece of textured paper to give it fancy edge!

Download your January calendar here.

Let me know how it prints out if you get a chance!

7 January 2015


 photo a3b80ff6-20bf-41cd-add0-dc1c5fc762b6_zps6f7867ef.jpg

So, I'm still kind of gathering my thoughts for the new year...I love new year and all the aspirations it holds. A bit like looking into a newborn's eyes and realising their wee life is a clean sheet, all ahead, brimming with hope.
This year though, I've been a bit more focused. I've read a couple of books and been really inspired by ladies such as these to be more goal driven...as a bit of a dreamer at times, one of my big frustrations about myself is that time moves on and those things I wanted to achieve are finished or are morphed into something lesser as I lose momentum.

I hadn't got myself a calendar so decided to make one...you who haven't got sorted yet check back tomorrow for a free downloadable of the January calendar above and a goal layout I created to keep myself on task!

If you're looking for some inspiration for these Rifle Paper Co notebooks I got from Papermash...a gorgeous wee online space, go check it out!

Now I'm off to scribble and write x

 photo Rifle_zps47518a95.jpg

1 January 2015

christmas here.

 photo star_zpse1c41284.jpg

Christmas has flown by here...too quickly, too busy almost. It's been great to catch up with family and friends but we're looking forward over the next few days to lie low; light the fire, read some books, drink coffee and play some games with the girls.

In the midst of all the preparations I rediscovered a little of the magic of making. From the foraging for holly to create a wreath and sewing up some linen napkins, to making teacher gifts with the girls; taking the time to write and decorate gift tags with care...to think about the wrapping instead of it being a last minute job.

I loved creating things that cost so little but looked great, that added a little bit of warmth and Christmas charm to our home. I think though, I surprised myself a little in how much I enjoyed creating our table centre from the eucalyptus twigs and bringing natural decorations into our home, gathering vintage mugs and candlesticks from around the house...adding details to the candles I usually burn using pinecones and oranges.

It was definitely in the details for me this year; I loved the preparations. A little gathering of the season in the home...it's something I'm going to try and keep up throughout the year!

 photo wrapping_zpsd2737a2f.jpg photo cup_zps11eb7ad6.jpg photo IMG_1903_zps6291f2fb.jpg photo gifttags_zps51c7f9f8.jpg photo AnnieAngel2_zpsca3af73f.jpg photo Christmastable_zps9fe4f6ec.jpg
 photo CHristmascandles_zps36fd9cd3.jpg photo AnnieAngel_zps88d9cc96.jpg

23 December 2014

diy. christmas wreath.

 photo ff2b160f-dd8c-48cb-b221-d16e05ea4398_zps01ed502f.jpg

Whilst always wanting to make a wreath, this was a very spur of the minute decision. Wreath making has seemed a bit intimidating to me before and I think I've always almost shied away from it, but actually it was really straightforward. In hindsight though, I'd have worn a pair of gardening gloves to protect my hands a little from the holly leaves!
I got so absorbed I didn't take any photos of the process at all!

I'll fill you in on what I did anyway...

You'll need:
holly (from a tree not far from our house)
wire coat hanger
thin, pliable wire (I used some jewellery wire I had but florists will stock a proper one I'm sure!)
dried oranges (the girls and I made last week)
pinecones (we have a wee stash)

I moulded the coat hanger into shape and sorted my holly into pieces that were pliable. I used masking tape to secure the first pieces to the hanger and worked my way around wrapping small pieces of wire around the branches to hold them to the hanger. When I was happy with the size I started to place the oranges and pinecones. I used wire to hold these in place too.
A ribbon tied at the top and you're done!

My hands were sore from the holly leaves but I love the fact that everything was foraged for or found in the house.
A quick wee activity that looks so gorgeous on your door or in your house.

 photo IMG_0191_zpsa52a30c6.jpg photo IMG_0193_zpsc61623c5.jpg

21 December 2014

diy gifts. lavender soap.

 photo Cutsoap_zps46c22720.jpg

I have been a little missing in action over the last few weeks as I've tried to find a new balance between starting a few hours in a new job, organising for Christmas and tiding over the everyday jobs of having 3 kids and a home. I haven't quite got the balance yet but am looking forward to new year and the new rhythms it will bring.

So, on a completely different note we've found some space in the busyness to make a few gifts...
..this was inspired by my brother in law who gave me some soap base a while back. We thought it would make the perfect gift to add to a teacher gift.

I bought the lavender in our local Christmas market!

And it was so easy:

{ prep...line a cake tin with clingfilm }

 photo Ingredients_zps2b4f7ab5.jpg

*you'll need...soap base, lavender essential oil (I used this oil simply because our local natural food store sells this brand), lavender stalks and flowers  plastic jug, cake tin and cling film

 photo Lavendaroil_zps4a6a3867.jpg photo Jug_zps327a0179.jpg

*cut up the soap base
*place it in a jug ( I bought a plastic one to keep for this purpose from the pound store) and melt in the microwave...I stopped and stirred every 30 seconds until it was lump free!

 photo Annie_zpsa499792c.jpg

*add about 20 drops of lavender essential oil and stir

 photo Maddie_zpsc63eadee.jpg

*add a spoonful of lavender flowers and stir

 photo done_zps5f5ee8fd.jpg photo clingfilm_zps778f1863.jpg

*pour into the cake tin and leave to harden

 photo Finalsoap_zps5e734b3f.jpg

*turn out of tin and peel cling film off

We left it a couple of hours but actually it hardens much more quickly than we thought.  We cut it into slices when we had turned it out.

Just an addendum:
We made a second batch using this soap base I ordered from Amazon. This time we made a thinner batch as the girls wanted to use cookie cutters to make heart shapes.
We loved these and they were so lovely to give as wee extras with the teacher gifts!

Am now on the hunt for some new soap combinations!!
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