15 April 2014

Giveaway...Tarnished Textile Cuff

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I have posted about this lovely friend of mine before but I am so excited to give away one of her completely unique and vintage cuffs today.  
I have loved wearing mine...I have worn it when out for the night but also as a day time accessory too.  Completely versatile...dressed up or down, a perfect vintage addition!!

Win the cuff below and be sure to check out Zoë's Facebook page...


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14 April 2014

11 years...

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It was 11 years ago today we got married...seems like yesterday but seems like forever.  How does that work?
We were saying just the other day about our lives before we met, how different they feel.

I've changed a lot over the past 11 years; marriage has changed me, children have changed me...rubbed off a lot of those sharp edges and made me a less selfish person.

 Given me a glimpse of how to truly put others before yourself.  
How to do love and not just feel it.

We've thought a lot about this over the last year, he and I. Doing love.
Choosing to love even when we don't feel like it.

Choosing to be patient, to be kind, to not to keep a record of wrongs.  This type of love is the harder choice. We fail, we hold grudges , get frustrated by each other but we keep going because we choose, above all else to love each other, in the midst of a world that tells us to give up when the first flush is gone, to serve ourselves and make sure we are happy...if not, to move on.  

We have the countercultural type of love and I like that.  

It's real, it's gritty, not pretty at times but it's based on the best foundation.
In it we have found a kind of freedom...allowing our own hearts to change before trying to change each other. A security that we will both fight to protect what we have chosen; our three strands.

We are at the beginning of the curve I hope...many more years to practise and do love. 
Modelling it for our girls.
Hopefully at the end, we'll see how far we came. How much we changed! 

Thankful that I'm on this journey with him.

13 April 2014

diy. clutch.

 photo 7fc71819-a62a-442d-a865-45e2d32ec261_zps8cc6749f.jpg

****Check out this fab giveaway for a gorgeous vintage cuff****

I have been wanting to make a clutch for ages.  My mum has some leather hidden in her attic somewhere so while I wait I thought I'd get a bit of practice in! I was heading out for a friend's 40th last night and thought I'd have a go at making a bag to take.

I visited our local haberdashery and picked out some of this gorgeous fabric...I loved the bold design and thought it would add a bit of pattern to my outfit!

I used the technique that I used for these little recycled purses and this iPad case...a tutorial from Skip to my Lou.

 photo IMG_2654_zpsd5ba712d.jpg ^^ I used 2 pieces of leatherette, 2 fabric strips to sew along the bottom of the leatherette, 2 pieces of lining fabric and a zip.

 photo IMG_2657_zps72881d65.jpg
^^ Sew the patterned fabric along the bottom edge of the leatherette. On the right side sew topstitch along the join.
^^ Then simply follow the same instructions as here.

 photo IMG_2659_zpsfd2d2a54.jpg
^^ I sewed a zigzag stitch around the edge of the patterned fabric to give it a little extra strength before turning right side round.

 photo IMG_2665_zps3e6ba429.jpg
^^ Fold over once as above or twice (as in the top picture) for a smaller sized clutch.
^^ It's really that easy.  I'm going to make some more in some different designs!!

To see who I'm linking up with go here!

7 April 2014

Letting them be free.

 photo IMG_8854_zpsedb3f69e.jpg

We had such a gorgeous day on Saturday.  We went to Castlewellan where we climbed, walked and explored the most gorgeous garden. 
The girls were free; no instructions, no agenda.  They walked, climbed trees, hid and chased. 

It was so good.

And we felt light...free ourselves from shouting instructions, directions or boundaries.
Their days are so structured that they need some time to be free.
Some time to make decisions, take risks and set a slower pace.

No one telling them to hurry up.
No one saying to stay out of the muck.
No one stopping them from climbing the tallest and trickiest tree.
No one directing their thoughts, ideas or telling them what they should be doing.

Time to be free.
Some time to be kids and just enjoy.

 photo CW8_zpsa6d6b227.jpg  photo CW3_zps7ee1fead.jpg photo Castlewellan_zps672940c9.jpg photo CW4_zpsd9c0d5ea.jpg photo CW5_zps0e0eb00f.jpg photo 64a926f4-3926-4e1d-b779-2999372542c9_zps45515368.jpg photo CW2_zps393e337c.jpg photo 8e52ed2b-66a0-4d58-9b82-b4545f8f743b_zpsfbee44d8.jpg photo CW6_zpsef0662a7.jpg

4 April 2014


 photo Maddiebath2_zpsf9bcbef6.jpg photo IMG_1990_zpsdb995ef1.jpg photo Bake4_zps44515e94.jpg photo Mornings_zpscb3fe2f7.jpg

I love mornings with this wee one.  I tried to capture a photo every morning this week; what we do, how we play. It was quiet, not many messages or errands to run so we were home birds.
I think I appreciate them so much because I know they'll soon draw to an end.
They are everything that the afternoons are not...simple and calm.
We draw, do jigsaws, bake, take baths, play outdoors.

I savour these with her, probably more than I did with the other two because I know what's ahead. 
The busyness that life becomes when part of a school system.  Much as I try to protect them from it, it seeps in.

I remember hearing we must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives.
We do this...she and I.
Our mornings.

I need to fight for it more in our afternoons.

3 April 2014

headband inspiration...

 photo ac13a02b71afe7ca6721e7d702a94fd9_zps66c68b03.jpg photo 4a158cc6c2e3b3ef3010fcd4c1a85fc1_zps6395745c.jpg photo 7975fb7a-9e7e-4221-879b-fd371649f3c5_zps55f0d423.jpg photo a4e3865d30fe2c62166270230c88076d_zpse2a2ea73.jpg
For the kiddos...
1// Violette Field Threads  2// P Blossom Boutique  3// Snuggle Bugs Bowtique 
4// Little Hip Squeaks

 photo 7ed0e6bae0a6b140af71768c6b09f2cc_zpse028cc24.jpg photo fbfec0560cbd93d62a1431be0b9f0f51_zps7321c7c2.jpg
And for you...
1// Fashion Diva Design  2// image via Pinterest

I just couldn't resist this image I saw on Bloesom Kids which led me to this gorgeous feed...floral crowns, who'd have thought!!

 photo 6a00e54fbad099883401a51182a248970c-700wi_zps4c78d9c3.jpg

2 April 2014

What we Love...Books

 photo books2_zpsd298a099.jpg

A bit of book love today...

This is one thing we have always carved out time for with our girls. Some one on one time at bed to read and snuggle.  
Our littlest loves her books and can often be found in a corner flicking through the pages.

Abi is loving the David Walliams book 'Billionaire Boy'
Annie is into the Rainbow Fairy series
Maddie loves anything and everything but 'Stuck in the Mud' is a bit of a hit at the minute!

Any books your little ones are into?

 photo IMG_1754_zps19252bd8.jpg photo books5_zps78d5ccd3.jpg photo books3_zpsfb4efdf8.jpg