14 October 2014

Simple Living

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When the weeks fly by and time seems to disappear, I find I crave peace...a simplicity that doesn't seem to exist between the busyness of the school runs, the errands and the homeworks to be completed.
As a family we have tried to carve out Saturdays as a time to do the simple things, without the rush and with no time agendas. 
This weekend was one of the best of them...a walk/scooter run to our local estate, a bag packed with hot chocolate, snacks and a kelly kettle.

The best of days.

I watch them as they run...the childhood frustrations I dwell on at times, melt away. I see them. Really see them. Faces alive, invigorated and completely free. 
And in its own way, it reminds me to look at them properly in those moments of frustration and clock watching. Not to see my own agenda but to see and be thankful for these wee souls in my care. 
To see them; souls that are free, so completely free.

These are the pebbles I want to gather and gather by the dozen. Because at some point I'll not be able to gather them again. Yes there will be different pebbles, and a good different in some ways I'm sure. But these little moments are the ones I want to savour. 
The ones I want to leave an imprint on my soul...my little girls running, hearts full and content. 

These are the pebbles that I know in the future when I lift them out to reminisce, will be sparkling little diamonds. 

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13 October 2014

diy. making a tassel.

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This is such an easy diy...
It all started when Abi found this gorgeous wee piece of driftwood at the local harbour up at my mum and dad's the other week. We pondered over a few things we could make with it (Pinterest is such an inspiring place for this kind of quest!) and, after much deliberation, settled with a tassel mobile. 

This is a photo tutorial, as I think the steps are pretty clear but there are a few notes at the end. If you have any questions, please feel free to add them in the comments below...I'd love to hear from you.

We did 3 tassels and hung them from the driftwood, the centre one slightly higher than the outside pair.

 photo Tassells1_zps49afc113.jpg
 photo Tassells6_zps1458cf9c.jpg photo Tassells7_zps9302f631.jpg photo Tassells8_zpsb885d947.jpg photo Tassells9_zpsf520823e.jpg photo Tassells10_zps24e6f9c0.jpg photo Tassells3_zpsab3a2250.jpg photo Tassells4_zps1d1479c7.jpg photo Tassells5_zpscc24a211.jpg photo f65e0341-311c-44f3-8d9d-fda66f9f6a2a_zps03268d70.jpgI think the photos are pretty self explanatory but here are a few things to take note of...

*I cut the card to the size I wanted my tassels. I wanted them pretty big so, it follows, if you want dainty little ones, then keep your card smaller.

*I cut quite a long piece of wool to tie the top of the wool on the card.  This gave me the length to hang the tassel from the driftwood.

*When tying any knots, I fed the ends down into the tassel where they blended in with the rest of the wool.  Similarly, with the gold thread, after I had wound it round, I fed it down into the main part of the tassel and cut the threads to a similar length.

*I tied a knot above the bead to keep it in place but that is entirely up to you.

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16 September 2014

small things. gardening.

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This was one of those impromptu activities that you actually realise they could spend hours on and they keep asking you to do for days after.
I wrote here about the small things being the big things and it struck me that this was another of those moments. And how actually, when we stop to take stock...that our dailies; the seemingly small and insignificant, the ordinary and routine
 are brimming with these 'little bigs'.
If only we notice.
I'm not a big gardener so this is novelty for us. They were so engrossed and completely content. The bonus is our front door looks so colourful and gorgeous!
Any other ideas for easy but engaging outdoor activities?

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11 September 2014


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For as long as Johnny has had the playhouse on the go, I've had a few things in the back of my mind to make for it.
This bunting that can stay up in all weathers wasn't the first on my to do list but made it to the top somehow!
It is super easy and the girls helped me out...fuelled in their efforts by a bit of a mid morning snack.

 photo Playhousebunting2_zps6695da2e.jpg
 photo IMG_8161_zpsca633ff5.jpg

This is what you need:
*long piece of string 
*oil cloth
*glue gun
*sewing machine (optional)

 photo IMG_8176_zps53352f13.jpg

I gave the girls each a stencil, folded a piece of oil cloth over and got them to draw and cut round. The triangles were far from perfect but I love they were all cut out by them!

 photo IMG_8186_zps6665e0c5.jpg photo IMG_8193_zps3e4dd5c8.jpg photo IMG_8301_zpsb0ae9e92.jpg

I made 12 of the diamond shapes to fit into our space but this can be adapted to suit whatever space you want to fill.

 photo IMG_8305_zps92cf305d.jpg photo IMG_8303_zps7d6aab1a.jpg

Lay the string along the centre fold of the diamond shape.
I glued this in position using the glue gun as I didn't want the triangles to move about.
Glue an edge right around the triangle and fold the diamond over onto itself to give you the triangle shape with the string secured between the fold.

 photo IMG_8209_zps223a7ab4.jpg

Leave a space between each triangle and repeat until you've used up all your cut outs.
At this point you can sew around the edge (I did - as I want it to last as long as possible!) but this is completely optional!

I am so pleased with how it turned out and adds a little colour to the front...hopefully this will be a little brightener in the midst of winter!

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8 September 2014

the small things.

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I remember reading a quote on Pinterest that really resonated with me...that when I read it, I realised that the small things are really the big things. I have mulled on this so much this week, I don't know why. 

We did so many small, simple things this weekend. A lot of time together. A lot of time outdoors and in the elements. Nothing special or out of the ordinary...hot chocolate and a fire in the forest, a cycle by the coast, a trip to my parents to see an airshow. Each one a small thing in it's own right but each one actually each a big thing. The things memories are made of and a life together is built. Importance placed on being together, the chat, the craic.
Importance placed on each little person being an intrinsic part of us, who we are. A unit. Each valued and having something to give, to offer.


I don't want to miss the small things, to get bent out of shape by the things that aren't important.
I want to keep in mind that it's the small things that are really the big things.

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