31 July 2014

beaches in brittany || the everyday project

 photo photo1_zps049afb7e.jpg
This year our second campsite in Brittany took us close to the beach.

A short cycle through a (completely idyllic) country lane opened up and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean lay in front.
For the west coast of France, the sand was white, soft and hot and the cool breeze at the shore meant our girls lasted so much longer in the heat.

Considering I grew up close to the ocean I wouldn't say I was a beach type person. I don't like the hoards of people who sit, soaking up the rays and the bags of stuff that they bring to the shore.
But I have to say I was completely converted this holiday.

As I watched the girls swim in the sea with Johnny and dig and play together for an age in the sand, I was won over.
The expanse of water.
The salty kisses.
The rock pools.
The feeling of the wild.
The soft, cool breeze.

By the end of our stay I could have spent endless hours at the beach...I still have a yearning to be there on our own though!

I have been so inspired by Mary Beth at 'Annapolis and Co' to record the everyday moments in daily life. All these pictures were taken with my iPhone as we didn't take our DLSR onto the beach. And I'm so glad I did. I snapped as they played, completely engrossed in their own wee worlds...little moments recorded and captured; glimpses they can look back on and reminisce.
Check out The Everyday Project and join in on instagram with the hashtag #theeverydayproject. You'll discover and be inspired by some gorgeous feeds.

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30 July 2014

evening light 30 / 52

 photo Hay1_zps513e2baf.jpg photo Hay_zps4d1de3a8.jpg photo Hay4_zpsb59117d9.jpg photo Hay2_zps8ac98cce.jpg

At our second campsite in Brittany we drove out for an evening coffee and this field was drenched in a beautiful late sunset glow. We hopped out and snapped a few shots which I love so much!

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29 July 2014

kids diy. tea towel tote bag.

This is an easy wee project for wee ones. The fabric in tea towels can be bright and colourful (and they're cheap if you don't have one you could use).  It also only involves sewing in a straight line which means it's a really accessible activity to do with little ones.

For another cute and easy bag you could try this or for some other ideas check out my sewing with kids series.

 photo IMG_5465_zps2630b6fa.jpg

// You'll need a tea towel and some webbing.
// I cut the tea towel in half and we made 2 bags.
// Cut the webbing in half.

 photo IMG_5475_zpsb1221169.jpg

// Fold the tea towel in half and position each piece of webbing so the sides match.
// Iron down the top edge and pin the webbing in place (tucking it under the fold).

 photo IMG_5491_zps043ecacc.jpg

// Sew along the top edge of the hem and the bottom edge...this will hold the webbing in place.

 photo IMG_5490_zpscbbea45d.jpg

// Fold the towel over and sew along the 2 open edges.

 photo IMG_5497_zps03f86ee2.jpg

// Trim the edges and and cut off the corners.

 photo Tote2_zps9e89f7aa.jpg

// Turn the bag right side round and press.

 photo Tote1_zps67d840d8.jpg

Annie was using Abi's machine for this and finds the foot pedal quite hard to manage..getting the speed right can be quite difficult for wee ones.  She can also find keeping the lines straight quite difficult and likes you to help hold the fabric to keep her right.
I think this is completely fine and I notice a big difference between her and Abi..this 2 years (Annabelle is 6 and Abi, 8) adds confidence; an improved ability to manage a few things at a time.  Abi could be found on her machine, having a go at a new project but Annie likes you to be there and to follow your instructions.  
Maybe it's different temperaments or different ages; time will tell, but I am happy to be there as they need me...to allow them to flourish and create within their own little boundaries of ability and confidence.

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25 July 2014

loire love.

 photo Chenenceau2_zpsba1d2be2.jpg

We have a bit of a love affair with the Loire, a combination of a true taste of France, the chateaux, the villages, the weather, the wine.
We keep coming back.

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22 July 2014

diy. no sew heart noticeboard.

 photo Heart_zps7558ada7.jpg

I had made the girls each a noticeboard heart when we redid their rooms last summer so I decided recently that I would like one to use as an inspiration board in my sewing room.

I had seen this heart template on sale cheaply at a local craft store and nabbed it when I saw it...it has holes pre-drilled which makes hanging it easier. I also had this gorgeous vintage fabric which I've been longing to use for something and thought it suited this perfectly!

 photo IMG_5990_zpsc7513fd8.jpg

// You will need a template (you could cut this out of hardboard like I did for the girls hearts), fabric, stuffing, ribbon or lace, buttons and some string to hang.
// You will also need a glue gun (not pictured).

 photo IMG_5991_zpsc9cc967f.jpg

// Thread the string through the holes and knot to allow you to hang.

 photo IMG_5993_zps566b557e.jpg

// Lay out your fabric beneath the template and cut around leaving an inch seam.

 photo IMG_5995_zpsadbb3e34.jpg

// Using your glue gun, work your way around the heart, stopping at the second hole, pressing down and trimming as you go.

 photo IMG_6001_zps84ac3189.jpg

// It's hard to see from this photo but I stopped just over half way round and started to fill the heart with stuffing.  I wanted a very light stuffing but you can see what you prefer.
// I continued to glue gun around the heart until I had left a gap of about 5 inches. I then filled the remaining space with stuffing and glued the last gap closed.

 photo IMG_6003_zpsff0506b0.jpg

// Measure the length of trimming you need. I did three lines in each diagonal direction, measuring carefully between each to make sure the space between them remained the same. 
// Glue gun each end on to the back.
// You should end up with a criss cross pattern.

 photo IMG_6014_zps00b17fb7.jpg

// I glued a button on each crossover.

 photo IMG_6016_zps0a84ed43.jpg photo Heart_zps7558ada7.jpg

// Cut a plain piece of fabric slightly smaller than the heart template and glue this on the back.  This will keep your edges hidden and make it really neat.

You're done...now go hang it somewhere nice!
Use it for a mood board, inspiration and ideas or photographs...it's entirely up to you!

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21 July 2014

Madeleine. four.

 photo Mad3_zpsb807a0ad.jpg

This wee one is four...our baby; a little girl.
I wrote here about how she followed loss, followed pain.

Madeleine, we couldn't imagine our family without you. You completed our wee unit and made us whole.
Maybe the joy that comes after the pain is all the sweeter...the 'rainbow' baby as they say, the colour after the rain.  

Mads, we love you...your giggle, your cosies, we try to lock them in. Content and affectionate, we look forward to the girl and woman you'll become.
We think you're gorgeous, you'll always be our baby; we love you wee ba xx

 photo Mad2_zpse6c0b53e.jpg photo Mad4_zps7aad335e.jpg photo Mad5_zpsadf77d56.jpg photo Mad6_zpsc936606d.jpg photo Mad8_zps9518a05e.jpg photo Mad7_zps3b813df3.jpg photo 48ff8abe-80b1-4177-aa61-fc592282f594_zps88fd8386.jpg

17 July 2014

home. the girls bedroom.

 photo Bedroom2_zps3777ad83.jpg

The girls rooms have been a real labour of love over the last year or so and are constantly evolving! We are now thinking about moving Annie and Maddie in together and giving Abi a room of her own but for now, things will stay the same.

We love, that when we look around the rooms, so many things have been made, given or preloved! Johnny painstakingly made the bunk beds last year, which I still love and the oak treads of the ladder set a tone for the room.  My dad made the shelf and I did bits and pieces too.  All in all, it's a room with us all at its' soul and I love that...different things have different stories and it makes for a cosy, gentle room that is uniquely theirs and ours all at the same time.

I love it tidy but they love it best with their stuff strewn, lying on their tummies on the floor, engrossed in their latest creation.

I have fond memories of my bedroom growing up...I could tell you lots of little details, things that are ground in my memory.  The importance of a space in a home that is theirs to just be.

I hope they remember theirs as fondly.

 photo Bedroom6_zps4f53533f.jpg photo Bedroom3_zps6073bb55.jpg photo Bedroom4_zps17ab4420.jpg photo Bedroom7_zps0c420c73.jpg photo Bedroom5_zpsec120df5.jpg photo Bedroom1_zps9a0866e7.jpg