3 May 2015

sew. iPod cover.

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So, our Abi loves music and got a wee iPod as her Christmas box. For ages I've been saying we should make a cover for it together but when it came down to it, she didn't really want to do it, so I didn't force the issue and decided to make it for her as a gift.
She really loves it and more importantly the cover keeps it from getting damaged as she carries it about.

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Here's what I did:

// Choose 2 different fabrics, one main fabric and one for the lining ( 2 inches by 10 inches) / Wadding (I split this piece into 3 layers and used 2 of them) / Bondaweb / Embroidery thread / Sew on velcro

// Cut the main fabric and lining into 2 pieces. Front piece - 4 inches long and back/fold over piece 6 inches long. 
The size of your fabric very much depends on the size of your iPod or phone. You want it to fit snugly but not move about too much inside it's cover.

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You can make a plain case but I wanted to add a little detail so decided on a little bunny popping up from the bottom to give it a bit of cute value!

// Iron the bondaweb onto your scrap fabric and cut out the rabbit or whatever design you have decided on!

 photo IMG_0959_zps56mre4cv.jpg

// I used the free embroidery technique that I have used here and here before, for the outline of the rabbit.

// Hand stitch on details using the embroidery thread.

// You will need the 3 pieces above for the front piece.

// Place the lining on top of the rabbit (which is facing up) and sew.

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// Sew on one piece of your velcro...unlike me, make sure it is central (this is going to annoy me forever - I should have unpicked and redone!!)

// Fold the lining back underneath the rabbit and press. Be careful not to iron the velcro.

 photo IMG_0962_zpsxmwws58w.jpg

// Topstitch across the complete front piece.

 photo IMG_0964_zpsckhihp2c.jpg

// Sew on the other piece of velcro on the back lining fabric ( top central!)

// Lay the pieces in this order: backing wadding, lining (velcro face up) and front rabbit piece. Sew together along the 3 edges of the front piece.

// Lay the patterned fabric face down on top of the others.

// Sew right around, leaving a gap to turn the whole piece inside out.

 photo IMG_0973_zpsqpjidoit.jpg

// Turn right way round and press.

// Slip stitch the opening closed.

// Press again.

And that's it...now hopefully the iPod will stay intact!!
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1 May 2015

be inspired.

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Spring feels like it has finally sprung although still a bit too chilly for me to be May really...I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of our Cherry Blossom this week as I completely love the opulence of this tree. So beautiful for such a short period of time.

Saying as it's spring and we all feel a little more energised at this time of year here are a few wee things that might inspire you this weekend...sharing is caring as my littlest says!

|| a couple of blogs for you that I have followed for a while...both are homeschooling although have a different slant:

Cloistered Away inspires the simplicity of life...I find everything about this wee space calming yet encouraging.

Happiness is Here is based on 'unschooling' - I love her outlook on play and learning...makes me even yearn a little to homeschool!

|| The word 'gather' just keeps surfacing again and again recently and have a bit of a change coming in relation to this...it's the overriding theme for this blog:

The Common Table...love everything about this. 

|| if you fancy a bit of sewing, check out this little ted made from an old sock!

|| check Mel Wiggins out for #makefashiontraffikfree and an inspiration about being more ethical about our fashion choices.

|| on another clothing front I am ready to do a clear out and minimise my wardrobe...love this lady...needs to be done!

|| desperate for summer to come...amazing 'Pinterest perfect' picnic ideas here...with the perspective that life with kids doesn't lend itself to Pinterest perfect picnics!! It's the hanging out together that counts x

Hope you have the most lovely bank holiday weekend xx

30 April 2015

free May printable.

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I didn't get a calendar this year and have really missed the reminder of the month's activities hanging on the kitchen wall. 

So I made up one for May...get it here if you're like me and never quite got round to buying one! I'm printing off an extra one for my blogging planning too...

I like penciling things in and ticking them off if needed...wee reminders for everyone in the house what life is like for the coming weeks!

22 April 2015

essential oils.

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I am not mad into essential oils but last year when we had a bug in the house, and I began to bleach everywhere, I looked into more natural cleaning methods. Most, if not all of these used essential oils.
Here are a few ways they have eased themselves into my life!

** I clean my surfaces with the all purpose cleaner which I wrote about here. It is so easy to make up and lasts a good while if you keep it in a glass spray bottle. (I used an old olive oil bottle which I bought and rinsed out...I transferred a spray top which I had.)

** I put a cotton wool ball, with some lemon or orange oil dropped onto it, into my hoover bag which gives you an amazing smell while you clean and leaves a lingering lemony smell in the rooms for a good while after.

** You can make gorgeous soap, perfect for yourself or to give as gifts like we did for our teachers at Christmas.

** At bedtime the girls will often ask for this 'sleepy oil' as they call it, a little bedtime foot rub!

 photo IMG_0217_2_zpsqy43fgzw.jpg

** I put a drop of lavender in my mascara when it's new....stir it around and it is meant to kill the wee mites that live on your eyelashes (who knew!!?!) and make them thicker.

I buy Tisserand from our local nature store which are all 100% pure so check out which ones to buy before you invest.

Check here to see a hand sanitiser diy...perfect to carry around in your bag when you're not near a sink to wash everyone's hands!

21 April 2015

Allowing your children to be themselves.

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Each wee heart is different.

In our house, these three wee souls are so unique.

They have taught me so much about difference and acceptance. Love and grace.

In the sea of noise and a busy household, the differences between our girls are still very clear and despite nearly 10 years of parenting we are still feeling our way at times...what works for one may not work for the other, trying not to fit all of them into the same mould.

This means effort though, pursuing each little heart when at times it would be easier not to. Easier to blanket them all with one phrase or reaction.  
But they are not the same; not little machines that fit into our expectations...they are unique, gorgeously different little people, who alongside us, carve their wee way in life. 

Being here to help them, to encourage them to be true to their passions and giftings...to be real, honest and vulnerable. To be kind. To love well. This is my job.

Difficult when we're tired and weary, when the mundane of parenthood sweeps over and nothing seems to make a difference. When we yell and criticise and feel failure shame us into the belief that we're not good enough.

But it - is - not true.
In those moments I try so hard to speak truth into the lies.
The small moments...those little seemingly unimportant but good ones that happen over and over and over again; it's often where it counts most. The being silly, the listening to the same joke for the nth time. It's the being real...asking for forgiveness from little hearts and pointing them to the grace and mercy that is the only perfect thing.

We will fail; many, many times over.
But we need to pursue them...it is worth the risk.

19 April 2015

sew. peg bag.

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More than anything, I love to make something I need using things that are around my house. My absolute favourite so far has been the little A line dress I made for Madeleine using a pillowcase from her duvet set.

So when the dog chewed our last peg bag I rummaged around and found this gorgeous tea towel (or dish towel for our American friends) from H&M. This was an old one but they have a great range here! Together with an old children's clothes hanger that I had taken the worn fabric off, I had all I needed to make my peg bag.

Abi (aged 9) helped me out and did all the machine sewing...I think if they're about and can help it's really great to involve them.

 photo IMG_0603_zpslngurkab.jpg

// My tea towel and hanger.

 photo IMG_0626_zpskcmroyuc.jpg

// Draw a template for the shape you want to use. I drew around what remained of our last one!

// Cut out 1 piece (back section) from your tea towel using this template.

 photo IMG_0636_zpsnarw8hbl.jpg

// Cut the template into 2 pieces for the front sections. Position these on your tea towel to the hemmed edges as this will save you a little work and means the opening is already hemmed for you!

 photo IMG_0640_zpshbekcsot.jpg

// Using your machine, run a zigzag stitch around the edge of the top front piece. This prevents fraying and strengthens the gap you'll need for the hanger to be fed through.

 photo IMG_0644_zps6tzsuzci.jpg

// Position these 2 front pieces together and slip stitch in about 2 inches from the edge. (You don't have to do this but I liked the opening being a little smaller than the main bag) You could also do this at the very end of the bag if you preferred. 
*I actually went back and hand stitched this again as, when the pegs were in the bag the weight was pulling on the stitching. A couple of extra runs over really made the difference.

 photo IMG_0647_zpssejgkuvx.jpg

// Place the front and back right sides together and pin.

 photo IMG_0650_zps0iiqvbhp.jpg

// At the top of the bag, mark a gap of about 1 inch to allow your hanger to be feed through. Start on one mark and sew right the way round the bag until the second mark.

// Clip the curved edges before you turn it round.

// Turn through the bag opening and press.

// Slip the hanger through the gap and you're done!

I loved making this with Abi and it was so easy...to see what other blogs I'm linking up with head here.
We also made a kid's tote bag using a tea towel here!

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