13 September 2013


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I have a few dreams in the pipeline but also some real projects to work on that I'm not getting done.  These past couple of weeks have been overshadowed by school runs, pick ups, smooth transitions into new schools.

This is where I have to step back, acknowledge my roles...what expectations I hold.

At the minute, in a bit of a post-summer recovery I'm just ticking over, just holding everything together until I get myself in some kind of routine.

And that's ok.

Allowing a little bit of chaos to reign in the house while little hearts are tended to...that is to be my work, my toil at the minute.  I want our home to be a place of calm...where my girls look forward to coming, to playing, to just be.

In reality there is noise, squabbling, chattering, singing and laughing.

I want there to be calm in the chaos though....I want to be calm.  I want gentleness and patience to be a part of me rather than what I try to be.
I know that living here, in the moment, present with my girls is absolutely where I'm meant to be.  It has taught me painful lessons, God has pointed to parts of myself, of my heart that do not turn to Him, He is honing me and that, in itself, I find comforting...

...and so, in the midst of the realities of life I want to search out these 3 little girls God has given me to cherish for a while.

To encourage them, be gentle with them, be patient with them and to point them to Him.

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