28 October 2013

sew. patchwork cushion.

 photo d728db43-9ca6-4cef-9fde-1006089301c6_zpse0e923f8.jpgI have so much fabric that I love getting a chance to use all those scraps and small pieces that I hate throwing out...I love that I get to actually make something with them!

I am such a novice when it comes to patchwork and it is definitely a less than precise process, but I keep a little basket of small squares at hand so that I have lots of pattern and colour combinations to put together.  I love using a mixture of old and new fabrics, it gives it a bit more of a story...a bit more depth?
As well as the patchwork I have made a few cushions based on the button design...I love the hand stitching on this along side the scrap fabric.
On all the cushions I've made so far I have used old curtains as backing and ikea do a great little cushion inner at a really reasonable price.  So good to create something with so much that could be thrown away. photo 1e66f54c-b3af-49a1-8e93-d195fc4bde0f_zpsa61f3871.jpg photo 81cc402b-32c6-4959-94fb-588e6fceaab1_zpsb1017b93.jpg photo IMG_6176_zps4d3d8ebc.jpg photo 6dbc2c5e-0011-4dc7-a1bc-dc3f46373f37_zps7cbc9b5c.jpgTo see who I'm linking up with go here!

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