2 December 2013

diy. christmas stocking.

 photo cb1dc482-c8dc-4c38-9f5d-b4c2f6aff9c6_zps8ec2c5c9.jpg I have wanted to make Christmas stockings for my girls for ages. I had gathered up scraps of vintage fabrics I liked and combined them with some floral prints I had seen in these muted dusky pink shades and patterns. I cut each fabric to the same width but varied the lengths just to add to the mismatch feeling. I kept one piece wider which would curve around to make the toe.  photo 54c0441c-dcfe-4435-82d9-963723c558d7_zps2e88009c.jpg Sew the fabric together keeping the widest piece at the bottom. Place right sides together with a piece of plain fabric and sew in the shape of a stocking. Sew a loop of fabric at the top to hang.  photo 1f6a3655-518a-4f44-8904-ce1b8414cf58_zpsdfc1a445.jpg Is actually such an easy wee project and yet so lovely when done. I am going to make a couple more but am going to add in some ribbon and lace to make them even lovelier!!  photo 6131dd74-f069-4948-be54-4c7748d54053_zps7d034e74.jpg
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  1. Love your sweet vintage stocking! You're one of my picks for features this week at Give Me The Goods!

    Amber @ Averie Lane