27 February 2014


 photo 667243050dde8dc232ce05f43bb5d6ab_zpsfaafe34f.jpg
//photo via Pinterest from Lou, Boos and Shoes

I think it's amazing how a photo can sum up any number of thoughts, memories and emotions.  I pinned this photo a while back. It just conjures up Sunday mornings for me…

…a bit of a lie in
…coffee brought up to bed
…sun streaking across the bedroom.

A ritual.

I loved this board by Lindasy/Darling Clementine (but her boards in general are sooo good…as is her shop! Check them out!)

It made me think of all the things that are my 'go tos' when I get a bit of time to unwind.  Those things that feed the soul and allow you to come back refreshed.
A bit of time unplugged and soul space to rest.

Think I maybe need to carve out some time to bring a few of these back into my days!!


  1. Mmmmm that photo is so warm and peaceful...would love a day involving coffee in bed!:D

  2. Yes…a good way to start the day!!!!