2 March 2014

kids that sew { free embroidery }

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I have fancied trying this with our girls for a while but wondered if it would be a bit much for them.  As it turned out they loved it as it was a combination of creative and sewing which hit the spot for a rainy afternoon!

Don't forget to check out this giveaway if you have any little ones at home interested in sewing.  Perfect as a starter for a sewing kit or for adding to what they've already got!

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*I set out a basket of scraps of fabric I had which are all backed with Bondaweb which meant then we could iron it to the fabric before we used the machine.  Much easier to sew for little ones as the fabric doesn't move about.

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* The girls spent an age planning their picture and changed a few times in the process!  They ended up creating a little house each.

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* We laid it in position and I ironed it in place.
* Abi decided she wanted hers in a hoop and Annie decided she was going to use a picture frame.

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* They were a bit nervous about the free embroidery at first but once they got into the swing they absolutely loved that they could move the needle in any direction!
* I helped to hold the fabric tense as our hoop wasn't big enough to hold their pictures while they stitched.

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* I backed each with a thin interfacing to give it a bit of support.
* For the hoop I trimmed around the circle and snipped right around the edge.
* Using a glue gun around the inside of the hoop I stuck down the fabric neatly.
* For the frame I simply trimmed to size.

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The girls really enjoyed this and, although it involves adult support, I think it is such a great wee project for them…
…they take pride of place on their shelves in their bedroom!

Part of my Sewing with Kids series.

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    1. Thanks ladies…is so easy and the girls did love it!

  2. I'm nervous to try the free embroidery as well, but now I'm determined to try! Thanks for linking up to the Do Tell Tuesday party. Hope to see you again tonight!