22 April 2014

kids that sew { party bags }

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These are such easy little bags...literally two lines of sewing.

My littlest, who is 3, always pleads to sew on the machine when her sisters get a turn so this gave me the chance to let her!
Prior to this she has pressed the foot while I sew and got used to the increasing/decreasing speed.  She also is able to start and stop when asked.  I let her use my Singer rather than the kids sewing machine her sister got as I thought it was just as easy. Choice of machines is a whole other post when thinking of wee ones.

Obviously, she is always using it with me. I do always turn the machine off when threading the needle and lining the fabric up, just in case the urge would take her to press the foot.  She's pretty reliable but she is 3, so I do play it safe (for my own safety as well as hers!).

I pre-cut out the letters for each bag...we are going to use them as wee Easter egg bags at the end of a treasure hunt, so each child on the hunt will choose their initial from the treasure box.

These could also be used for birthday party favour bags. So easy!

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** I used scraps of fabric I already had that were backed with Bondaweb.  You don't need to use this but it does prevent fraying and saves sewing over for little bags like these.
** I cut each letter out freehand but you can easily get stencils and fonts online or could even use these gorgeous transfers.

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** I used squares of fabric I had been given... a bit more of a lemony colour than they have turned out in the photos.
** Cut your fabric to whatever size you want your bags to be.
** Use pinking scissors to trim the top edge of your fabric.
** Fold the fabric in half, longways, and iron on each initial in the position you're happy with.
** Open flat, turn over and fold again (right sides together) and pin.
** Sew down the two open seams.
** Knot the thread and trim.
** I also trimmed the edge and cut the corner at an angle to give a sharp corner when turned right side round.

Now just to fill the bags with eggs, tie a ribbon around the top and they'll have to follow the clues to find the treasure.

 photo Easter3_zpsd9bb5fbf.jpg

Couldn't resist this photo..."Can I go yet?" on repeat.  She was so excited to do this and loved showing off her bag with the ribbon tied around the top!  Worth it, just for that.

This is such an easy wee project to enthuse little ones and I loved doing it with her. 
It is amazing to begin the process of instilling a love of making, sewing and creativity for wee ones, especially in an age of consumerism and cheap products.  They are not afraid to try and are so confident in their abilities.
Never too young!!

Check out here for some other ideas for sewing with wee ones.

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  1. Lovely idea and great way for kids to sew too! Thanks for sharing.