28 April 2014


 photo Mountstewart_zps7947da19.jpg photo AnnieMournes_zpse0e0f66d.jpg photo AbiMournes_zps31d54d09.jpg

Haven't done this in ages but loved these wee pictures so much I had to share...such freedom and enjoyment this past week or more during their holidays.

Maddie// Climbing a tree at a local National Trust property

Annie// Splashing around the pools on the way down from our tramp in the Mournes

Abi// As with Annie..splashing in the pools.  She was the instigator of the bare feet and wading through the pools but they had a ball. Impromptu...one of those times you're so glad you said yes and not no!


  1. These are all absolutely beautiful. I especially like the one of Maddie climbing the tree though. #livingarrows

    1. Yes she does like to strike a pose!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Loving the concentrated face, and what beautiful natural smiles #LivingArrows