17 April 2014

Making space

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A lot of the time we rush in...set up, organise, give instructions and direct but sometimes it is so good to sit back and watch.
Watch how they plan, decide, change and finish.

I set out the paint basket and the easel and that's all I did.

I stepped back and watched as she poured the paints, chose her colours.  She painted splurges, faces, stripy lines...and then painted it all over brown!
I left her be.

I watched how she looked from a distance at her painting; contemplating, thinking. I loved that she was doing her own thing and making her own decisions.  

And she knew when she was done.

The whole process probably lasted about an hour as she poured and mixed, painted and repainted. I grabbed the camera just to snap a few moments as they passed.  I was background to her focus, she was so absorbed.

Their wee lives...so full of direction and instruction. I so feel they need these sacred little moments. Moments where they decide. Where they are free to make the call; to do their own thing.  Johnny and I try and make this a big part of their play at home.  With school so heavily structured we feel our girls need this space. 

Making space that is theirs to create in what they wish.
To be free.

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  1. beautiful.
    hanks for sharing
    I have been inspired by bloggers to share my journey
    with Huntington's Disease. I would be honored if you
    would follow as i share my heart.

  2. I love this! Recently when my niece warmed up enough to play with my boyfriend, I had to remind him not to instruct but play along with her story. They played a good one to two hours, which exhausted him. :p