29 July 2014

kids that sew { tea towel tote bag }

This is an easy wee project for wee ones. The fabric in tea towels can be bright and colourful (and they're cheap if you don't have one you could use).  It also only involves sewing in a straight line which means it's a really accessible activity to do with little ones.

For another cute and easy bag you could try this or for some other ideas check out my sewing with kids series.

 photo IMG_5465_zps2630b6fa.jpg

// You'll need a tea towel and some webbing.
// I cut the tea towel in half and we made 2 bags.
// Cut the webbing in half.

 photo IMG_5475_zpsb1221169.jpg

// Fold the tea towel in half and position each piece of webbing so the sides match.
// Iron down the top edge and pin the webbing in place (tucking it under the fold).

 photo IMG_5491_zps043ecacc.jpg

// Sew along the top edge of the hem and the bottom edge...this will hold the webbing in place.

 photo IMG_5490_zpscbbea45d.jpg

// Fold the towel over and sew along the 2 open edges.

 photo IMG_5497_zps03f86ee2.jpg

// Trim the edges and and cut off the corners.

 photo Tote2_zps9e89f7aa.jpg

// Turn the bag right side round and press.

 photo Tote1_zps67d840d8.jpg

Annie was using Abi's machine for this and finds the foot pedal quite hard to manage..getting the speed right can be quite difficult for wee ones.  She can also find keeping the lines straight quite difficult and likes you to help hold the fabric to keep her right.
I think this is completely fine and I notice a big difference between her and Abi..this 2 years (Annabelle is 6 and Abi, 8) adds confidence; an improved ability to manage a few things at a time.  Abi could be found on her machine, having a go at a new project but Annie likes you to be there and to follow your instructions.  
Maybe it's different temperaments or different ages; time will tell, but I am happy to be there as they need me...to allow them to flourish and create within their own little boundaries of ability and confidence.

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  1. What a great project for the little ones.
    I cant sew to save myself I even made my Mum complete my sewing projects for me in high school!