17 August 2014

sew. headband.

 photo Maddieheadband_zpsd46ed9bd.jpg

I have 3 girls so hair accessories are an endless pursuit...sewing them has become a way of life!!

I have loved making this one...if you follow along with me then you'll know I've made some other headbands and hair wraps here, here and here. (Maddie is my big headband lover!!) This is a great wee one though as it stays on really well and is very straight forward to sew. I would say this size is suitable from age 2-5.

 photo IMG_7729_zpsb83f9b65.jpg

Here's how:

// You'll need some fabric, elastic (I used 1/2 inch) and a cutter or scissors.
// I cut 2 of each shape I wanted (I was wanting to make quite a wide band) and a rectangular piece for the elastic back.
*My main pieces were 16 inch, rectangular fabric 8 inch and elastic 5 inch*

 photo IMG_7744_zps46c46d8b.jpg

// Place each of the fabric pieces right sides together and sew along the lengths, leaving each end open.

 photo IMG_7747_zps16cf1c5f.jpg

// Turn them right side round and press. They should look like this.

 photo IMG_7748_zps3e6db7e0.jpg

// Slide your elastic inside the rectangular fabric and place one end of each of the fabric and elastic together.
// Sew.

 photo IMG_7749_zpsd2dbc4d7.jpg

// Gather the fabric so the other end of the fabric and elastic matches together and sew this end. It should give this ruche effect as shown in the photo above.

 photo IMG_7760_zps5a3c4b2a.jpg

// Your 2 pieces should now look like this.

 photo Headband1_zps70057df4.jpg

// Fold the ends of your main headband piece inwards and press.
// Slide the end of your rectangular fabric inside the folded edge and sew (as above).
// Repeat for the other end.

That's it...you're done! Go try it on!
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And just because I couldn't resist some of these which hit the cutting room floor...

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  1. what a cute and the headband looks great! thanks for sharing the tute!

  2. Cute!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this evening that links to your tutorial:

    1. Wow...thankyou! Heading to check it out!

  3. Love this headband! It's nice and wide perfect for keeping the hair out of her eyes. You are being featured at Gingerly Made this week!

    1. Thanks so much Ginger...I love your linkup! So delighted!