24 August 2014

kids that sew { easy cushions }

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Now that the playhouse is nearing an end, we have a couple of things to sew to decorate it and make it cosy! I want to involve the girls in as many of these as I can so when we chatted about making cushions for the sofa, we sought out inspiration on pinterest! Abi saw these and wanted to make a cloud with eyes but with a flat base (not specific at all!), Annie liked the raindrop and we stuck to a basic envelope cushion for Maddie.
Apologies...this is a bit of a long post but 3 in 1 so good value!

The fabrics they chose...
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the cloud:

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// I made a stencil which Abi used to draw the cloud shape onto the back of the fabric using disappearing fabric marker. She then cut out 2 pieces of the fabric.

 photo IMG_8031_zpsbefe6668.jpg

// We put one of the fabric pieces in an embroidery hoop to keep it taut while she hand stitched the eyes and mouth. (She drew the face using the disappearing pen so she knew where to stitch)
// When done, we took it out of the hoop and pressed both pieces of fabric.

 photo IMG_8070_zpscd0e3077.jpg

// Sitich around the shape leaving an opening of a couple of inches.
// Snip around the curved edges.

 photo IMG_8074_zps86572c3d.jpg

// Turn right side round, fill with stuffing and hand stitch close.


 photo Abicushion_zpsa7d38505.jpg

the raindrop:

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// Following the same steps as the cloud cushion, we cut out 2 pieces of raindrop shaped fabric.
// Place one in an embroidery hoop and hand stitch the face.
// Remove from the hoop and press.

 photo IMG_8096_zpse75798f1.jpg

// Place right sides together and stitch around, leaving a gap at the base.

 photo IMG_8099_zps8398f371.jpg

// Turn right side round and fill with stuffing.
// Hand stitch the gap closed.

 photo IMG_8107_zpsd6c635e2.jpg

basic envelope cushion:

 photo IMG_8037_zps01540e7d.jpg
To see other versions of this see here and here.

// We used this ikea cushion inner so cut 3 pieces of fabric. (One square 40cm x 40 cm and 2 pieces 40cm x 30cm)
// Fold the edges of the two smaller pieces over to create a hemmed edge and press.
// Stitch these on the machine.

This is a little aside to say that Madeleine is only just turned 4.  She doesn't like to be left out and loves to press the pedal of the machine when I sew. I love that she wants to join in so as she 'sews' I help her guide the fabric...her eyes are mainly on her feet though! She managed really well to get a good speed and was able to stop at the corners, help me lift the foot and turn the fabric.  I think it's great to let them feel like it's theirs and they've made it.

 photo IMG_8038_zps58276331.jpg

// Lay the square fabric face up and the 2 other pieces face down on top.  These should overlap which will create your envelope that allows your cushion to slip easily inside.
// Pin in place and sew around the outside edge of the cushion.

 photo Maddiecushion_zps58e2b68c.jpg

// Remove the pins and turn right side round.
// At this point I sewed 2 rows of stitching around the edge of the cushion to give it a bit of an edge and I think the padded part really stands out but this is entirely optional.

 photo CushionCollage_zpsc1bbb74a.jpg

// Your cushion inner should fit snugly inside.

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They're now planning their next ones: animals!!!
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